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Fire department vehicle rear ended in New York highway accident

New York – The fire police vehicle was on the scene of a car accident on a busy highway when it was struck from the rear by another vehicle. Initial reports showed that the firefighter was still in his SUV vehicle stopped behind another fire apparatus after having responded to a motor vehicle accident (MVA) with injuries. However, another motorist apparently didn’t stop or move over and rear ended the fire department SUV despite the activated emergency lights on the car. It is unclear why this MVA occurred or whether the female driving the car was a distracted driver. Investigation will be necessary to determine whether or not the fire department had provided adequate warning to other drivers regarding the dangerous situation ahead. The firefighter was injured and the driver of the other car also suffered various injuries, including spinal injuries and a head injury. In addition, the car had a child passenger that was injured in the SUV accident. The injured parties were extricated and transported by ambulance from the scene of the car crash. They were taken to a regional hospital emergency department for evaluation. Find out more about this rear end collision and the accident injury here.

Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo Credit: Brandon Harer [License]

Truck accident leaves injured victims and one death in the Bronx

New York – Emergency workers responded to a van that rear-ended a truck on the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx. The van accident left the female driver of the van dead and several other people injured. Friends note that the woman was pregnant at the time of the fatal crash. Two children in the vehicle were passengers in the back and suffered serious injuries. Reports show that construction debris and other scrap metal objects were being transported in the van at the time of the collision. It is believed that the flying debris during the impact is what caused the critical wounds and injuries to the child passengers. One teenage girl suffered a significant traumatic brain injury with bleeding in her brain. She has undergone surgery for this as well as for a broken spine and she remains in a coma. The extent of her spinal injuries are still unclear.

In addition, a front seat passenger of the van suffered injuries and was also taken to the hospital. Doctors say that he has a leg injury and will receive treatment. The truck that was hit from the rear left the truck driver also injured. He was evaluated and given emergency treatment. Investigators were continuing to assess the damage and the cause of the truck crash. Find out more about this rear end collision here.

Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo by Mohsan Dabiri-e Vaziri (Own work) [CC-BY-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

Severe injuries from Long Island Expressway motor vehicle accident

New York – Police and rescue crews worked all night on Monday to investigate and remove a car accident in Nassau County. The initial reports from the crash scene indicated that a man was standing on the highway when a car hit the pedestrian. However, it now appears that the first car was involved in a single car crash when it hit the road guardrail and then the median divider. Two people got out of the car and were then hit by a car that was being driven by an off-duty police officer. That pedestrian accident ended in the death of both crash victims. In addition, the SUV driven by the off-duty police officer rear-ended the first car and caused serious injuries to two other passengers.

Police needed to investigate several aspects of the car crash, including the initial collision, the subsequent pedestrian accident and the rear-end collision by the SUV. They will continue to look into the accidents to determine if any negligence or dangerous driving was involved. The routine probes include looking into the possibility of drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs, speeding driver and reckless driving. However, mechanical failure will also be looked at, such as brake failure. See updated information about this SUV accident and pedestrian killed in this article.

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Are Suffolk County’s red-light cameras causing more accidents with injuries?

New York – Public safety activists are in an uproar about an ongoing investigation that shows an increased accident with injuries risk at intersections equipped with red-light cameras. Lawmakers and citizens alike have expressed concerns regarding the dangerous condition created by these traffic light cameras. They note that some of the traffic signals have faster-than-normal yellow lights and confusing signals, creating a risk for injury due to car accidents that inevitably follow. In the meantime, Suffolk County officials claim that the camera program is fine and plan to continue with it, despite the public safety concerns involved. Opponents question why the program isn’t suspended until they, at least, investigate the increased car crash concerns. They explain that this would allow the time to safely look into the issues and prevent injury or wrongful death accidents. One theory as to why there is an increased accident risk at these intersections revolves around concerned motorists who become afraid of getting a ticket, instead of remaining focused on driving safely. Experts say that drivers may needlessly brake too soon or too quickly, leading to a rear-end collision. Others may become a distracted driver when looking at the camera instead of the road.

Some community activists in New York have claimed that the local county government is simply being greedy and unwilling to give up the revenue that they receive from traffic tickets. The fines associated with these tickets goes to the government’s coffers and is shared with the company that installed and maintains the cameras. This creates a possible incentive for some politicians to keep the cameras functioning even in light of the risk of injury or death. However, this may actually lead to increased personal injury lawsuits, which would be much more costly if lawmakers neglect to deal with the hazardous condition that they’ve created. Motor vehicle accident victims are encouraged to seek legal advice from a top injury lawyer to determine their rights. You can see a video and read more about the controversial traffic light program and investigation here.

Illustrative Photo Credit: Dave Dugdale, www.rentvine.com [License]

Walmart truck accident kills one and leaves three others injured

A tractor-trailer accident on the New Jersey Turnpike left one man dead and three passengers with serious injuries. The truck crash occurred when the truck driver failed to stop for slowing traffic. His truck slammed into a van-sized limousine bus, causing the limo to roll over. The crash victims were rushed to area hospitals for emergency treatment. The accident injuries included broken bones, nose and rib fractures and possible internal injuries. Records show that the truck was owned by the discount retail chain, Walmart, and that the driver was an employee. Recent discoveries indicate that the driver of the tractor had not slept in more than a day, contrary to safety guidelines for commercial drivers. Police believe that the tired driver may have caused the collision due to fatigue. This has led to criminal charges being filed against the truck driver who rear-ended the limo. The bus accident is still being investigated in hopes of fully determining the cause of the crash. Some have speculated that the tractor-trailer was speeding due to the fact that it caused a roll-over accident. Meanwhile, road safety experts warn that Walmart trucks have been involved in many accidents, causing hundreds of injuries and many wrongful deaths. Calls have been made to force the company to better train their drivers, enforce safety laws and improve their monitoring of dangerous driving. See further details about the truck versus bus rear-end collision here.

Illustrative photo by Amanda Bengtson (Flickr: International Wal-Mart Truck) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Long Island police SUV rear-ends car in multi-vehicle accident

New York – A car crash last week is being at least partially blamed on the acting police commissioner of Nassau County. The acting commissioner was reportedly driving too close to the car while he was driving his police vehicle, and investigators believe that this may have contributed to the car accident. The woman who was driving the car explained that she was stopped in traffic when the police SUV rear-ended her, causing her car to be pushed into the car in front of her. The SUV accident left at least one injury victim, with the woman complaining of neck and back pain. It was unclear if any other accident victims were injured but medical experts note that some accident injuries do not become fully apparent immediately following a crash. Pain management specialists say that some car crash injuries, such as spinal injury, knee and shoulder injuries and nerve damage, can take weeks or even months until they can be identified. They express the importance of seeing a doctor for evaluation soon after a motor vehicle collision, especially after being rear-ended and then pushed into another vehicle in front. This type of rear-end collision creates multiple impacts and the possibility of various injuries that may be subtle at first. Medical testing is advised and injured victims are entitled to healthcare even if they initially refused care at the scene of the crash. Some accident victims find it necessary to seek legal advice from a seasoned personal injury lawyer in order to determine their rights after being injured in an accident. Check out more about the police car accident here.

Illustrative photo by Kevin.B (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons