Trip and fall accident in Bronx elevator

New York – A senior citizen in the Bronx tripped and fell in an elevator that had just been repaired the day before. The injury victim suffered a fatal head injury and died of his wounds in the hospital the next day. The man reportedly tripped on his way into the elevator because the elevator floor wasn’t level with the hallway floor. Reports show that the location where the elevator accident occurred is a city public housing apartment building owned and operated by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). The elevator apparently was serviced by workers of NYCHA the day before the slip and fall injury. Tenants of the building noted that they had been complaining about the broken elevator and the dangerous condition that it presented for many years. The repairmen replaced a part and claimed that it was safe for use after their inspection. However, public advocates state that this was obviously not the case. In fact, they point to the fact that after the man was fatally injured, the city inspector noted that the replaced part was a faulty part and likely caused the accident. They believe that the part malfunction caused a trip hazard that was not evident to the victim when the elevator door opened. Activists warned that there is a problem with regular negligent maintenance in the public housing buildings and this must be dealt with to prevent further injuries and wrongful death. You can check this article out for more about this fall injury.

Illustrative photo from Public Domain [License]

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