Daily Archives: April 30, 2010

NY Car Accident Alert: Heavy vehicles not safe enough in rollovers

NY Personal injury lawyers wrote about the dangers of rollover injury in car accidents, and showed you a video of one too. Consumer safety organizations are pressuring the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to demand safer rollover protection for larger vehicles. At present, the NHTSA requires that the roofs of vehicles under 6,000 pounds be strong enough to sustain a force triple the vehicle’s weight. But vehicles over 6,000 pounds need only support one-and-a-half times the vehicles weight. This means that heavy vehicles may legally have proportionately weaker roofs. This increases the likelihood of wrongful death and personal injury in a car accident. Details here.

Privacy Violation: Students claim Pennsylvania school violated their civil personal rights

Privacy violations are another type of personal injury damages. Philadelphia’s Lower Merion school district thought it was fighting crime by installing a centralized webcam applications on student laptops. In a personal injury lawsuit, students contend that the school did just the opposite. Intended to prevent laptop theft, the cameras kept rolling, and recorded and broadcast to the school 56,000 pictures of students, including photos of students sleeping at home, while partially undressed. Violation of privacy rights, claims the recent lawsuit. This type of violation can lead to emotional injuries according to experts. Write-up here.