Dangerous Asbestos Workplace Causes Wrongful Death At Home

Many people have heard of dangerous workplaces and workplace injuries. Take for example, this Bronx construction worker who got injured in a fall from a New York scaffold. In addition, this 62-year old steelworker suffered a personal injury while working on the job. In both cases, thanks to top personal injury lawyers, accident victims and families received significant monetary compensation for their injuries, pain, and wrongful death. But the concept of a dangerous workplace and injury can go one step further, say skilled New York NY personal injury lawyers. Consider the following news story released this week. In the 1950’s, an Illinois woman was married to a man who worked with asbestos at UNARCO Industries, Inc. in Chicago. At the time, the woman regularly laundered her husband’s work clothing (at home). As a result of the exposure to asbestos, the woman developed Mesothelioma Cancer and unfortunately died. Last week, the woman’s family successfully won $2 Million in the wrongful death and negligence lawsuit. In other words, the concept of a workplace injury goes beyond the confines of the work-site and employee. Primary dangers are just one aspect. As the Chicago story proves, secondary exposure to dangerous materials and workplace elements can cause personal injury for spouses, friends, neighbors and others. Injuries do not stop at the employee. So if you or a loved one get hurt in accident or workplace injury of any kind, get help from New York’s best injury attorneys.

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