NY Dog Owners Liable for Personal Injury from Dog Bites

New York residents see dogs walking up and down Manhattan streets. Many dogs are friendly; others are not. Dog bites occur all the time, resulting in serious cuts, pain, personal injuries, infection and even wrongful death. When a dog bites, an owner may be held responsible for compensation. Top New York personal injury lawyers stand up for such dog assault victims, helping people recover millions of dollars in monetary compensation for pain and suffering.  According to New York’s Dog Bite Law, injured persons can hold dog owners responsible for injuries, so long as victims can establish an owner’s awareness of his/her dog’s aggressive tendencies. Successful personal injury and accident lawyers point out that some states are even tougher than NY. Louisiana recently passed a Senate bill that enables prosecutors to charge dog owners with negligent homicide, resulting in up to five years in jail plus $5,000 in fines. Dog owners beware. Experienced injury attorneys can and will protect the rights of dog bite victims. If you got into an accident with a dog, car, bus, or any other party, get help right away and protect your rights.

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