New law in New York after delivery van killed 2 in pedestrian accident

A delivery van motor vehicle accident last year killed 2 children in lower Manhattan, New York City. The victims were pedestrians walking on the sidewalk when they were hit by the negligent driver in the accident. A new law  with harsher penalties for unsafe drivers is in the works and ready to be signed. New York State Governor David Paterson is expected to sign the law that punishes drivers and protects victims. Negligent drivers can face a fine of $750 or jail time for the first time they cause a pedestrian injury or injure a bicyclist in a motor vehicle accident. The second offense brings the possibility of misdemeanor charges. A local auto accident attorney explains that these penalties are in addition to any possible injury lawsuit that may be filed. New York lawmakers hope this law will prevent reckless driving that causes many accidents, injuries and wrongful deaths on NY roads. They note that too many pedestrian injuries have been caused by dangerous drivers, like the wheelchair pedestrian who was struck last year. More tips on preventing pedestrian injury are available here. More details on New York State’s upcoming motor vehicle law are online here.

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