Nursing Home Negligence Causes Wrongful Death

Personal injury often involves professionals providing negligent care for senior citizens, the infirmed and children. To illustrate, see this $3 Million medical malpractice involving failure to diagnose, for a two-year old, and this failure to diagnose an infant infection. According to top accident and injury lawyers, these types of slip and falls are often blatantly preventable, if negligent parties would have exercised common degrees of caution and sense. Consider this recent case of a San Diego nursing home. An older patient was admitted to a California facility to receive physical therapy, due to hip surgery. While there, the man fell twice. The medical staff placed the man in a room that lacked a handrail. The staff then ignored alarm signals when the man got up in an attempt to walk. Even worse, point out successful New York injury attorneys, the negligent nursing staff created a dangerous condition, by leaving a large, heavy, and easily-tipped piece of equipment in the hallway that abutted the man’s room. The patient tried to walk, lost his balance, slipped and fell, brought the steel equipment down upon him, and died from the head injury and trauma. We sincerely hope the victim’s loved ones recover full compensation for the victim’s injury, malpractice, negligence and wrongful death.

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