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Product Recall :: Play sleepers linked to infant deaths

Product safety experts have declared a significant concern over a possible dangerous product. Claims of possible wrongful death have been blamed on popular play sleepers. Advocates note that up to several dozen infant babies died when they were in the devices. They explain that the babies rolled over in the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleepers when they were not seat-belted into the seat. The infants then could not breath due to the position and choked to death according to doctors. The concern raised by parents is that the device was unsafe for the age and stage of development for which the product was marketed. They noted that additional precautions, safety designs and warnings should have been in place to prevent personal injury or death. They add that the manufacturer was aware of the deaths of several accident victims from the dangerous situation but did nothing about it. The dangerous product recall was only started after the threat of personal injury lawsuits became overwhelmingly imminent. Unsuspecting parents say that there needs to be more accountability by the manufacturers and sellers of products such as these. Full investigation, follow up and immediate action must be taken when a hazardous or defective product is suspected. Any delayed recall places the public at significant risk according to health and safety specialists. To find out more about this defective product recall check out this site.

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Dangerous milk distributed from New York dairy

New York – Health officials issued an urgent warning about milk contaminated with Listeria Monocytogenes bacteria. They say that the milk was being sold as raw, or unpasteurized milk, in Hudson Valley area. Some of the dangerous product may have even been sent to further away locations. Doctors explain that the bacteria-contaminated milk can lead to a potentially serious medical illness called Listeriosis. The food poisoning illness can lead to severe complications, especially for the very young and old as well as immunocompromised patients, such as those with cancer or other health problems. Pregnant women are also at serious risk for fetal injury or illness, according to obstetricians. The local department of health has demanded that the farm owner immediately stop selling the unsafe product. While the situation in this dairy is still unclear, some cases of Listeria can occur due to unclean facility practice or improper maintenance. Health and safety officials have strict guidelines for farms, food suppliers and shippers as well as for retail stores in order to prevent such dangerous situations. Further inspections and research into the source of the contamination with bacteria will be needed to clean up the facility and ensure a safe product. See this article for more about the hazardous product and potential Listeria outbreak concerns.

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Dangerous foods require product recalls to protect consumer safety

A slew of recent food recalls have included Perdue chicken found to have pieces of plastic in it, concerns of spoiled Bumble Bee cans of tuna, dangerous foreign objects such as shards of glass in Nestle frozen food products and Listeria contamination concerns with Starbucks breakfast sandwiches. Consumer safety activists have expressed grave concern regarding the nature of the potentially dangerous product recalls. They insist that improved safety control must remain the highest priority of all food manufacturers and not profits, as some companies believe. Some experts have questioned the speed at which some food recalls begin while others note that the extent of recalls and the advertising of them are lacking. Public health professionals explain that a dangerous food product must be removed from store shelves and supply warehouses immediately. However, some companies delay such decisions due to concerns regarding their image or loss of money due to a recall. Even once a hazardous product recall has been initiated, some businesses do a poor job of publicizing it, leaving customers at risk of illness, injury or death. Product liability is a serious concern and must be seen by corporations as more than a financial decision, but rather a human one. A top injury lawyer in New York City explains that many people get sick, suffer an injury or are victims of wrongful death due to simple negligence by companies that don’t take their responsibility seriously. Activists encourage all businesses to follow the good examples set by owners who follow through on their obligations to the public. If you or someone you know has been injured by a dangerous product, you have the right to speak to an attorney. Find more about the recent food product recalls here.

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Breaking: McNeil Consumer Healthcare pleads guilty in contaminated medicine case

McNeil, a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, is the medication company that makes several popular over-the-counter medications, including Tylenol, Motrin and Benadryl. The company has pled guilty in a federal court to charges or improper disclosure in a case where they were accused of manufacturing and selling dangerous medication that was tainted with metal particles. As part of the settlement, the medication manufacturer will pay $25 Million in fines. The lawsuit details show that the company was apparently aware of improper quality control that led to production and sale of dangerous product. Plaintiffs explain that the company refused to investigate and correct the problems, despite having been warned by consumers who had found obvious contaminants in bottles of their liquid medicines. Court records show that the contamination was later identified as metal and toxic chemicals that were not supposed to be there. It is believed that these dangerous chemicals made their way into the medications during the manufacturing process, possibly due to negligent maintenance. Consumer advocates say that the metals may be a toxic health hazard, especially for babies and young children, the population that these polluted medications were intended for. Some say that the ingestion of these dangerous chemicals can lead to developmental injuries, such as brain damage and learning disabilities.

The same pharmaceutical company has gone through a series of product recalls for other tainted medications over the past several years. A New York City law firm points out that this case appears to be another in a series of production and medication errors made by the company. It raises the questions of product liability and endangering the public health. Consumers who believe that their health may have been adversely affected by these dangerous medicines should see their doctor for evaluation. In addition, an ill or injured consumer has the right to speak to a top injury lawyer for assistance. You can see further details about the federal court case and guilty plea here.

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General Motors braces for more faulty ignition switch lawsuits

A dangerous product recall for defective parts in many General Motor (GM) vehicles has been in place for nearly a year. The car recalls have expanded since then, encompassing many car models manufactured as early as 2003 and as recently as 2011. Records show that well more than 300 wrongful deaths and more than 2,700 car accident injuries have been blamed on the defective car parts causing a crash. An administrator has been instructed to sort through the claims and lawsuits, in an effort to compensate the victims. At least 50 of those car crash death cases and 75 of the personal injury cases have been determined as eligible for compensation by the company. However, a deadline has been set for injury victims or the family of someone killed in a car collision to file a claim against the car company. GM has reportedly braced for a possible increase in the number of last minute claims and accident lawsuits against them in the coming days. Some of the injured people have sought the assistance of personal injury lawyer experts in order to make sure that they recover the money that they deserve. Analysts believe that the company has been trying to settle the lawsuit cases quickly, before the results are published from investigations into how much and when the car manufacturer knew about the dangerous situation regarding the flawed ignition switches. Accusations have circled for some time that the company were negligent by ignoring the known problem for many years, leading to many additional motor vehicle crashes. For further details about the ignition switch recall program, please see this article.

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Crest toothpaste raising health concerns due to polyethylene additive

The Crest line of toothpastes have recently come under fire by dentists and consumer advocates due an additive of tiny plastic beads that have been included in the make-up of several kinds of the toothpaste. The polyethylene ingredient is apparently not needed as one of the active ingredients, according to the Crest manufacturer, a subsidiary of consumer product giant, Proctor & Gamble. Scientists say that the substance is actually a chemical name for plastic and is supposed to be biologically inactive. They explain that the tiny microbeads are the size of grains of sand and were added for color and aesthetic purposes. However, dental experts note that the plastic pieces can still cause serious health problems or dental disease, such as gingivitis, despite their being inert. Some dentists and periodontal specialists note that some patients have been found to have the polyethylene microbeads lodged in their gums, leaving a route open to introduce bacteria and infections into the gums. Company officials for Crest have announced, after a lengthy fight with dentists and consumer product safety advocates, that they are removing the potentially dangerous ingredient from all of their toothpaste products. They believe that it will take approximately six months to complete this removal of the plastic ingredient, while critics feel that this is much too long of a timeline to correct a dangerous condition for consumers. In the meantime, activists want to see the company issue a dangerous product recall in order to warn potential victims of the hazardous situation and advise them to see their oral health specialists. If you or someone you know has been exposed to this potential health hazard, you should speak to your doctor or dentist. You also have the right to consult with an attorney with expertise in consumer product liability. See this article for more about the dangerous use of polyethylene additives in Crest toothpaste as well as other various consumer products and even some foods.

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Electrical shock hazard concerns trigger product recall

The makers of a popular breast pump have issued a dangerous product recall this week. They explain that there is a concern of injuries being caused by an electrical shock from the faulty machines. The concern arises from loose connections between the adapter and the electrical source. Experts say that a poor product design can lead to this type of hazardous situation and needs to be addressed quickly. They note that safe electrical engineering is important when producing electrical machines of any kind. However, they note, breast pumps are considered medical devices since they are used by new mothers to extract supplemental breast milk for the baby. This means that the product recall needs to be coordinated by the Food and Drug Administration. Reports from the manufacturer show that no women or babies have been injured so far by these products. However, some product safety advocates warn that companies aren’t always fully forthcoming about details of possible injury caused by the use of one of their products. They sometimes blame outside causes for the injuries in order to avoid negligence lawsuits. Consumers who think that they may have been injured by a dangerous product are encouraged to seek legal counsel in order to determine their rights. Check out this article for details regarding the breast pump recall.

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Dietary supplement linked to liver damage

The dietary supplement called Mass Destruction has been flagged by the Food and Drug Administration as potentially causing liver damage. The agency has received reports of illness and health damage possibly caused by the body building dietary supplement. According to experts, this is not an isolated incident though. They say that products marketed as “natural” or “herbal” or as “dietary supplements” have often been linked to health problems and illness. The liver and kidneys can easily be injured by these substances, causing liver failure or renal failure. Other dangerous side effects can also occur due to some of the ingredients placed into these dangerous dietary supplements. There is little oversight or control over these products by the federal or state governments. Health professionals note that proper medical safety testing has usually not been performed on these types of products, yet they are still marketed as safe or even as healthy. In addition, there is a lot of money to be made in selling these products, even if they are potentially unsafe. Experts say that the business of manufacturing and selling supplements has become a booming multi-billion dollar industry.

Many of the dangerous products are sold on the internet but even when they are sold in stores, they are still difficult to monitor. Consumer health consultants say that manufacturers and promoters of the products claim all kinds of health or wellness benefits with little-to-no evidence. To attempt to legally cover themselves, the companies will usually include a disclaimer on their labels that says something like, “this statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.” Other attempts by companies to skirt their legal responsibilities to consumers include posting statements like, “this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.” However, an injury lawyer in Manhattan, New York explains that this doesn’t absolve these manufacturers and the stores that sell the dangerous items from responsibility. Potentially misleading advertising is something that must be looked at closely in order to fully evaluate a given situation. Personal injury lawsuits may be filed against a company or individual that knowingly puts the public in danger by selling dangerous products that can cause illness or a health hazard. Professional investigation is usually needed to determine if negligence or deceit was involved with the production, advertising and sale of such hazardous products. Find out more about this recent warning and health scare in this article.

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Baby carrier device recalled due to danger of fall and injury

A trendy child carrying product, similar to a baby sling, has been recalled by the Playtex manufacturer due to concerns regarding the safety of the item. The company released a statement describing their concerns and the reason for the dangerous product recall. The plastic buckles that secure the safety straps on the pouch can break or crack, causing the baby to fall and get hurt. They stated that they had received 87 reports of the buckle failure before issuing the recall alert to the public. In fact, there were also at least two events where the child fell from the carrier and at least one where the injured child had to receive emergency medical treatment. Critics of the current hazardous product recall system say that action is only undertaken after considerable numbers of the products have been placed on the market and broken or otherwise malfunctioned. The companies leave it up to consumers to levy complaints against the merchandise’s lack of safety or outright dangers. Citizens are left to fight, to prove that a product broke and injured someone, and that the company should take responsibility for it. Some activists have pointed out that the consumer is left at risk until the Consumer Product Safety Commission or the company issue warnings or a proper recall of the item. Often, a recall is only issued once a victim has already suffered a personal injury or wrongful death. Even then, a recall can get held up with administrative red tape that continues to leave the public in danger. Independent safety specialists warn that product safety must become a more prominent issue well before someone gets hurt in an accident. Details about the current baby hip carrier recall can be found here.

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Car crash lawsuits settled after jury awards victims $3 Million

A wrongful death lawsuit and simultaneous personal injury lawsuit ended with an Oklahoma jury awarding the victims and their families $3 Million late last week. The plaintiffs contended that the Toyota Camry accelerated unexpectedly due to a faulty accelerator that should have been recalled several years before the crash. The car accident killed the passenger of the vehicle and seriously injured the driver. Multiple lawsuits and complaints were filed against the car manufacturer with claims that the company was negligent in not fully investigating the dangerous situation and issuing a dangerous product recall immediately. The car company allegedly knew about the hazardous condition but apparently avoided recalling their cars for replacement or repair of the defective parts. Experienced personal injury lawyers believe that many other injured accident victims have yet to step forward. Some note that the car acceleration problem may have contributed to other motor vehicle accidents and this needs to be further investigated.

The recent win for the Oklahoma plaintiffs comes in stark contrast to the New York and California cases that resulted in the car company not being held liable for the car accident injuries. Toyota has reportedly decided to settle the punitive damages aspect of the case in light of the jury’s decision in favor of the plaintiffs. The corporation is likely trying to limit the damage to their image and amount of money that they will need to pay the injured woman and the family of the woman killed in the accident. Consumer product safety specialists explain that this was not just a major win for the accident victims but for all citizens who should be protected from negligence on the part of large corporations. This case will set a legal precedent for injury victims across the country. It should also serve as a warning to companies and factories about the need for proper manufacturing of products as well as prompt investigation and recall of dangerous products. More about the sudden car acceleration lawsuits and product liability case here.

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